General Director : InHee Kim / Artistic Director : James Jeon
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Alice in Wonderland
Photo : SuYoung Kwak

Alice in Wonderland

Choreography : James Jeon
Music : Stravinsky, Handel, Bernstein Etc.
Time : 90min
Premiered in May. of 2000.

Alice is an ordinary girl who likes to go out and play with friends. One day, suddenly she walked
through TV with smiling cat which is a friend of her. There were strange and marvelous things
in the TV world. She joined a dance party with electric chips, monitors.
And then, Alice arrived at the forest in where she met butterflies, wolves, chicks, etc.
She had such a joyful time with them. However, smiling cat put a slur on Alice without any
reason, so she had to escape from there. For some reason, she was just spinning around even
though she tried to run away from the world. At that moment, she realized that it was a dream.
Alice gave a sigh of relief with her mother sittingright next to her.

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