General Director : InHee Kim / Artistic Director : James Jeon
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BEING 2011
Photo : SunJun Kang


Choreography : James Jeon
Music : Me Phi Me and others
Time : 40min
Premiered in Jun. of 1995

The setting is the rooftop of a building.
After the sun sets, a number of approximately
30 young women and men come together.
What they want is a new world.
Hope for a new era is found through intense
movements defying order.
With music by 'Me Phi Me' and modern costumes,
this piece moves away from the confinement of
classical ballet.

Choreography : James Jeon
Music : Queen, Michael Jackson, Me Phi Me
and others
Time : 45min
Premiered in June of 1996

Being II portrays the lives of youth, unable to
adjust themselves within the confusion, temptations,
and frustrations of their time. This is the story
of our own neighbors, of ourselves.
This piece opens a new genre of dance through
detailed portrayals of each scene and even conveys
the feeling of musicals.

Choreography : James Jeon
Music : ERA and others
Time : 30min
Premiered in Sep. of 1996

Conclusion of the Being series. Now they know.
The faraway destination of theirlong journey,
of their existential quest, is the revolution of origin,
the very state that God first created them.
The message of love and forgiveness, and the road to
salvation are harmonized with modern technology and
the dynamic movements of the dancers.

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