General Director : InHee Kim / Artistic Director : James Jeon
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Photo : KwangJin Jung

Four Seasons

Line of Life
Choreography : James Jeon
Music : Johann Sebastian Bach
Time : 8min
Premiered in Apr. of 1994.

Seoul Ballet Theatre's Resident Choreographer James Jeon presents Line of Life, representing Spring for the year 1999. This is the latest of the series of works representing each season of the year, which began with Vivaldi(Autumn) in 1996, followed by After the Rain(Summer) in 1998. The force of life is portrayed through a Pas de deux.


After the Rain
Choreography : James Jeon
Music : Alessandro Marcello
Time : 20min
Premiered in Jul. of 1998.

Inspired from the work of artist Kim, Su-hyun, who specializes in wild flowers. A picture of green prairies after the rain has come and gone… While "Vivaldi" (premiered in 1996) portrayed Autumn, "After the Rain" portrays summer. Premiered at the Chunchun Art and Cultural Center in 1998.


Choreography : James Jeon
Music : Vivaldi
Time : 12min
Premiered in Dec. of 1996.

Premiered in December of 1996. This piece captures the moment in which couples are brought together and parted by the wind of Fall. During the short time they are together, they learn to understand each other and fill each other's empty hearts. Then they part with the sound of the wind.

Choreography : James Jeon
Music : George Frideric Handel
Time : 20min
Premiered in Mar. of 2001.

"Winter-Metempsychosis" is a story about life and another life after death with a wishful prospect.

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