General Director : InHee Kim / Artistic Director : James Jeon
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"City Light" - Rodofo Patella, InHee Kim

Seoul Ballet Theater (Seoul Ballet Theatre, SBT) is now already 20 years old since its founding in 1995 and during that time, we have been creating and continue to create unique productions that can be differentiated amongst other productions.

The company started with "BEING", which was made to be a fresh and intense modern ballet production in order to launch a flaring signal of the modern creation of ballet in the ballet world of South Korea. Additionally, "Snow White" received the 2004 Dance Arts Award. "Spring, Stream" received the 2005 Artistic Dance Excellence Prize of the Year and the Culture and Arts Award of Korea in 2010, and SBT was recognized to represent excellence of creative ballet in the country. Also, we introduced and exported our modern productions, such as "Four Seasons" and "Inner Moves", choreographed by James Jeon, to the Nevada Ballet Theatre in the United States.

We have been devoted to creating our own modern ballet performances for 20 years with and passion, and now we own one hundred repertories under the excellent leadership of James Jeon, who has been the artistic director of the company since 2009.
Also, we have developed out-reach programs to teach ballet to disabled children and to the homeless which has helped them to stand up proud and participate as members of the community.
I would like to express deep appreciation to our supporter who gave us much generous encouragement and love without any limiting conditions.
I also would like to shout out, "Bravo!" to our supporter and company of Seoul Ballet Theatre.

We will be offering various performances and events for Seoul Ballet Theatre's 20th Anniversary Festival titled "BRAVO, SBT!" in 2015. Among the performances, there will be "Rage" which shows us the rage of common people in a cruel and modern society. Drawing on the delusion of youth, "BEING" is the signature piece of Seoul Ballet Theatre and "MOVES" is an international cultural exchange project with Basel Ballet from Switzerland.

I would like to now invite you to the 20th anniversary festival, "BRAVO, Seoul Ballet Theatre", ask you for your continued support and high expectations and ask you to be together with us at this event of brilliant and dynamic movements.
Finally, I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart all the people who have always given us and continue to give us the endless support and encouragement for the past two decades.

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